The Location


Parga is one of those tucked away places with a magical quality that brings people back year after year.

Always regenerating for the soul, the easy going social atmosphere of the town with its quaint winding streets, sandy beaches, good food and bars aplenty, has everything you want from a relaxing getaway destination.

If you’re feeling adventurous there are boat trips from the pier every day to ??? and ??? so you can explore further afield and return at dusk when the lights from the island church shimmer on the waters of the bay.

Legacy. Memory. love. Happiness

Sun soaked days to top up your tan, long warm evenings that easily roll into the small hours of the morning. Music at the castle or romantic nights at the balcony; Parga is the perfect experience for sharing with those you love.


How to get Here

Destinations Nearby

Parga Beaches

Parga main beach is a sandy beach and for the adventurous there are also other local beaches to explore on your stay, such as Lichnos Beach (very good for activities such as water skiing, parasailing, diving, snorkeling, jet skiing or windsurfing) Valtos Beach, Sivota and other secluded beaches (ask at the hotel). One of the most exciting beach explorations is Lichnos bay's caves, the biggest of them is named Aphrodite’s cave. Greek mythology has it that the goddess Aphrodite bathed there. We can arrange for our guests to visit the caves.

Paxi / Antipaxi

Paxi and Antipaxi, two small colourful islands called "Benjamin of the Ionian Islands", are located 12 miles from Parga with boat trips to the islands leaving from the jetty every day. The capital of Paxos is the picturesque Gaios, which is naturally embosomed by two islets, the Virgin Mary and Saint Nicholas. Paxi is dominated by olive groves and Antipaxi by vineyards which produce good quality wines. Antipaxi is also famous for its beaches Vrika and Voutoumi. Rich with olive, pine, cypress trees and shrubs, beautiful beaches, scenic bays and magnificent caves, Paxi is true to the Ionian architecture and ambience.


Sivota is a beautiful village where lush green mountainous scenery marries the incomparable blue of the Ionian Sea. Take your time and explore the numerous beaches that cover a total distance of 20km. Zeri, Zavia, Mega Ammos, Mikri Ammos, Bella Vraka and the other Syvota beaches, waiting for you to dive into the crystal blue waters.